Erato Apartments

Τhe beautiful Erato Apartments are ideally situated right in the heart of beautiful Lindos, close to the walking path leading to the Ancient Amphitheatre and St. Paul’s Bay with its stunning views. There is a parking area within walking distance of the apartments. From there it is an easy stroll through narrow winding streets to an exciting mixture of tavernas, galleries and shops offering local handcraft.

This pleasant and elegant accommodation was built in 1915 and bears most of the characteristic features of a typical traditional Lindian house. These are a large internal courtyard featuring overhead grapevines, an elongated living room with a slightly raised sofa bed called a ‘panga’ and pebbled flooring. From the balcony you enjoy breathtaking views of the Acropolis of the Athena of Lindos and the Aegean sea. Erato Apartments can host a total of 15 people and is ideal for family holidays.